The Best Books for June 2022 –

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Nightcrawling, an electric debut novel, follows Kiara and her older brother, Marcus, who are living in an East Oakland apartment complex and are trying to make ends meet. After dropping out of high school and leaving their complicated, broken family, Marcus and Kiara are both looking for ways to support themselves and their 9-year-old neighbor, who was abandoned by his mother. Then one evening, Kiara becomes enmeshed in the nightcrawling world. As she learns to prowl for salacious news stories and gory crime scenes to take pictures, life gets even messier. Kiara’s name is mentioned in an investigation that labels her as a key witness in a scandal that reveals wide impropriety in the Oakland Police Department. Mottley’s storytelling and beautifully crafted characters — and the emotions they elicit — are not to be missed.

Katie Tamola is a freelance writer who grew up in Manhattan. Find her on Twitter @katietamola.

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