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LOVE POEMS IN QUARANTINE, by Sarah Ruhl. (Copper Canyon, paper, $16.) Ruhl, a celebrated playwright, brings to these poems of lockdown and social unrest the same tender appreciation for resonant absurdities that she puts onstage. “Poems are good company / when people disappoint,” she writes; “people are good company / when poems disappoint.”

HUSBANDRY: Poems, by Matthew Dickman. (Norton, $26.95.) Dickman’s latest collection grapples in couplets with the start of the Covid pandemic, soon after the rupture of his marriage, when he found himself suddenly a single father facing more than the usual anxieties and revisiting his relationship with his own dad.

SUGAR WORK, by Katie Marya. (Alice James, paper, $17.95.) “Today I want to be young like some girl / on Instagram,” Marya writes in this debut collection about a life in which the speaker grew up far too fast, the daughter of a drug addict and an Atlanta stripper who repeatedly questions the meaning of family.

OH, YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS A DATE?! Apocalypse Poems, by C. Russell Price. (TriQuarterly, paper, $16.) This debut by an “Appalachian genderqueer punk writer” is as playful and provocative as you might guess: One poem is titled “My Sexual Identity Is a Toaster in a Bathtub.”

PAUL LAURENCE DUNBAR: The Life and Times of a Caged Bird, by Gene Andrew Jarrett. (Princeton University, $35.) A definitive biography of Dunbar, originator of the phrase “I know why the caged bird sings” and one of the first Black American poets to gain international fame.

COMFORTS OF THE ABYSS: The Art of Persona Writing, by Philip Schultz. (Norton, $25.95.) The Pulitzer-winning poet reflects on his life events and inner critic, which together led him to use narrative voices and viewpoints outside of himself.

ALSO A POET: Frank O’Hara, My Father, and Me, by Ada Calhoun. (Grove, $27.) In this vibrant memoir, the journalist daughter of the art critic Peter Schjeldahl explores the life of the poet Frank O’Hara and her father’s reverence for his work.

DEAR PAPA: The Letters of Patrick and Ernest Hemingway, edited by Brendan Hemingway and Stephen Adams. (Scribner, $25.99.) Two decades of letters between Ernest Hemingway and his son Patrick paint an image of Hemingway’s legacy as a father.

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