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Can you solve it? When Wordle curdles

New word puzzles

We all love Wordle. But don’t you also crave new challenges? Today’s column is a post-Wordle girdle, strapping tightly together four word-based puzzles, three of which were sent in by readers of this column.

1. Old horse

A famous horse in the 1770s was called Potoooooooo. How did you pronounce his name? [This is a true story!]

2. Nice and easy by Richard Candy

Puzzle by Richard Candy

The three big balloons contain letters which can be rearranged into a rather obvious phrase. Can you see it?

3. Famous word-based board game challenge by Alf Smith

This puzzle should appeal to fans of Codeword. The following grid shows the final board of a game of Scrabble in which every single tile has been used (including the two blanks). The value of each letter is marked, and a few complete tiles are given. Fill in the grid. The solution is unique.

Puzzle by Alf Smith

Here’s the checklist of tiles (with the amount in brackets), listed by value.

  • 0 points: blank(2)

  • 1 point: E(12) A(9) I(9) O(8) N(6) R(6) T(6) L(4) S(4) U(4)

  • 2 points: D(4) G(3)

  • 3 points: B(2) C(2) M(2) P(2)

  • 4 points: F(2) H(2) V(2) W(2) Y(2)

  • 5 points: K(1)

  • 8 points: J(1) X(1)

  • 10 points: Q(1) Z(1)

[Note: Scrabble is a trademark owned by Mattel in the UK] Click here if you want to print out the puzzle.

4. Vennagrams by Greg Wall

Below each of the following Venn diagrams are seven tiles consisting of two letters. Place each tile in a different region so that the four tiles in each circle can be rearranged to solve the corresponding clue. Here’s an example:


And here is the solution:


If you rearrange the tiles in each circle, you get GI-GA-NT-IC, AR-RO-GA-NT and RO-MA-NT-IC. Here are five more.


I’ll be back at 5pm UK with the answers.

Meanwhile NO SPOILERS. Please instead list your favourite anagrams, or set new word puzzles.

Thanks to Richard Candy, Alf Smith and Greg Wall for today’s puzzles. If you want more Vennagrams (which he calls Elemental), follow Greg on Twitter and on Reddit.

I set a puzzle here every two weeks on a Monday. I’m always on the look-out for great puzzles. If you would like to suggest one, email me.

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